Life Groups

What are life groups?

Meeting on Sundays do not provide nearly enough time for brothers and sisters in Christ to spend the qauntity and qaulity time together that we so desire in our fellowships. Life groups are a way in which we can fellowship, invest time and build relationships with one another throughout the week. PNB has life groups that are scattered all over Pretoria. To find a life group close to you, please contact Pastor Jacques.

What do the life groups do?

In the life groups we focus on teaching and equipping the saints for the work of ministry (Ephesians 4:12-1), so that Christians will be better prepared for serving the Church and navigate through life's endless trails. The primary focus however is not the only focus. In the life groups we try and spend as much time as possible building friendships and fellowship. This is being done by organizing social events like braais, dinners or even sometimes events that tend to be more of the active and sporty nature.

What are being taught in the life groups?

Currently in the life groups we are discussing topics such as the importance of membership, at times we discuss the Sunday morning's sermons (which currently is from the book of Romans) and at times we even work through great Christian writings such as pilgrems progress. There is a main thread of commonality between the different life groups, however each life group does do their own discussions and teachings that are most relevant to them.

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